Wednesday, October 14, 2009

leica 7

two people didn't get the ending, so perhaps having two versions of the girl at the same time doesn't compute well enough. in this case, I've just gone back to my very very first original ending, where the dog comes to life and you find out it's the girl animating. no reunion on screen, oh well. for the sake of clarity!!

and here is a more 'water-color' type bg. thinking of animating bg, if possible heh

stuff I still gotta fix:
-when waiting for ball to be thrown, dog is so excited his tail wags his butt
-girl should head left when dragging dog to food; keep consistency of left = defy death, right = fail/acceptance
-better ways to do 'discover plug' scene!
-electrocuting scene, redraw for clarity/better shots
-when flying back after getting shocked at last, they should knock into treadmill along the way, breaking through it; HUGE explosion!! exaggerate
-make girl 'pet' (rub) the drawn paper dog.
-lightbox should be the only thing giving off light, everything else is dark (at last scene)
-make ending/beginning unmistakably animated, perhaps tilted at an angle to show paper, or something.

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