Wednesday, October 7, 2009

leica 6

ending A+B!
watching and re-watching stuff kills all emotional stirrings. I can't even tell if I should like it anymore!

and here's a test of the dog, getting more and more excited.

stuff I still gotta fix:
-when waiting for ball to be thrown, dog is so excited his tail wags his butt
-girl should head left when dragging dog to food; keep consistency of left = defy death, right = fail/acceptance
-zoom out from treadmill; reveal shot
-better ways to do 'discover plug' scene!
-electrocuting scene, redraw for clarity/better shots
-when flying back after getting shocked at last, they should knock into treadmill along the way, breaking through it; HUGE explosion!! exaggerate
-someone didn't like the girl twirling the dog at the end, too much like lovers they say. explore other doggy-love options (ideas?).
-make face shot of girl animating longer? to give audience time to realize. maybe even make her 'pet' the paper dog.
-lightbox should be the only thing giving off light, everything else is dark (at last scene)

BG test... my weakness. ):

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