Thursday, October 1, 2009

leica 4&5

so, endings A and B.
A = dog is reunited with girl in memory
B = girl is animating the dog

points for A = they are together on screen again
points for B = the girl is actively reviving dog



people seemed to be confused about the 'memory' part for A. is she watching an old home video? etc. unclear.
maaaybe I can draw her animating her and the dog, a combination of A + B... maybe. though it seems a bit cluttered. I prefer A for now... the imagery seems more moving. however, if people don't get it then it is definitely a failure. how to make it ... clearer and simpler. arrrgg


  1. I would defenitely try a combination of both of them. It's clearer, and very cute, and I like how it kind of refers to your own story. :)
    Maybe you could show her reunited with the dog, then let it flow into a drawing she's making? Might be a little tricky though. Or zoom out to show that they're together in a tought bubble over her head, haha.

  2. I really like Exibit A. Normally sheridan films about people dying are boring and uninteresting, but this one really works. I like the song a lot too, its an interesting contrast with this relatively upbeat song while her dog is dead. It starts off kind of funny, but then gets sad later on. A roller coaster ride of emotions. I like it. I think the memories part works. It seemed pretty clear to me. The only thing is it ends on kind of a depressing note. Maybe try adding the animator thing at the end. But keep the song from A. The beatles one is kind of sad sounding. I prefer the more upbeat one to contrast with the dead dog. Good work!