Friday, September 4, 2009

pokemon & death

the emotional highpoint of pokemon: the first movie. similar to the highpoint of my story, I think: pikachu realizes the finality of ash's 'death' (except it wasn't, blahblahetc) after trying its hardest to reverse it (with electricity, no less!).

that last pic of mew is just for cuteness. SO cute. T__T

The 5 Stages of Mourning
1. Denial: "This can't be..."
2. Anger: "This is so unfair..."
3. Bargaining: "I'll do anything to bring back - ..."
4. Depression: "I can't bear this sadness..."
5. Acceptance: Not necessarily an easy acceptance...

since this is about 'discovering death' and not 'mourning death', I think the stages would be more like this:

Made-Up Stages of Discovering Death
1. Confusion: "What's happening?"
2. Experimentation: "How can I bring him back."
3. Delusion: "Why won't he come back?"
4. Understanding: "So this is permanent..."
5. Depression: "I can't do anything about it!"

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