Tuesday, September 22, 2009

leica 2nd pass (rough)

will be adding sound and clarifying some unclear parts tomorrow. sotired
just throwing it up here for archives. wait for the next one to actually watch.

suggestions for self:
-separate ball bounce scene from dog dying
-dog's POV being dragged into house?
-treadmill shot no need to cut; zoom out for reveal
-treadmill scene no need for CU of speeding up (possibly show dog 'becoming fast' rather than 'fast')
-when shocking, make them together, show more care from girl
-gloves burning off not evident... at all
-after shock, make it about despair (girl bent over, looking down not up)
-use down-shot when hugging dog crying: lonely
-make cut between girl-without-dog-world and dog-is-alive-dream more obvious
-think of more 'doggy' ideas than twirling ("too much like lover?")

-what does film skipping look like? sound like? (for ending)

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