Thursday, September 10, 2009

olddog, nohouse

exhibit A

exhibit B

ex.A is pre-checking out Jeff, miyazaki's dog. ex.B is trying to make it more animate-able, following Jeff's lead. must draw more, must not look like Jeff but must be a good character.

some points I've realized after talking to scott caple today;

1) pigeons must either be incorporated more, or taken out. I've decided to take them out completely by moving the starting scene to the backyard, so the girl doesn't need a reason to run home: she's already home! it would be only natural for her to use the water hose in the backyard, and then drag the dog inside to try and feed it... also, it would mean the ball can be brought back into play, as she would've just left it outside in the backyard (as opposed to all the way back in the park).
2) the house won't blow up. it's unnecessary, especially after taking out the pigeons. serves no real purpose. however, her rubber gloves can burn away.
3) I must brainstorm more ways to 'revive' dog, if just for possibilities. she can speak into his ear, pry his eyelids open, show him the ball, tickle his nose... if you, the reader, have any other ideas, leave some in the comments!

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