Friday, August 28, 2009

plain beats

1. dog dies from heart attack while playing ball with girl in park
2. pigeons want to scavenge dog's carcass
3. girl must carry dog home, running all the way (from pigeons)
4. being young, she doesn't understand dog is dead even now
5. girl gives dog water; no use
6. girl gives dog food; no use
7. girl throws ball/etc/finally puts dog on treadmill in basement; still nothing
8. seeing treadmill connected to electric socket, girl tries sticking dog's paw in socket
9. both get shocked; girl runs to kitchen to get rubber gloves
10. shocks dog repeatedly until house burns down
11. pigeons circle her and dog
12. girl realizes dog is undeniably dead
13. screams up 'NOOOO' as camera zooms out
14. sudden close-up of face as girl brightens with an idea
15. dog is lying on a grassy meadow, long shot
16. girl's voice: "Sketchi"
17. dog's ears prick up, then dog gets up and starts running towards camera
18. running dog slowly becomes rough drawings on paper
19. an animator is flipping two pieces of paper
20. girl (now old) is revealed as animator
~ IN MEMORY OF SKETCHI - fade to black

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